About the Conference

Вue to prolonged quarantine in Ukraine the conference FOSS Lviv-2020 has been postponed indefinitely.

Tasks of FOSS Lviv are to provide effective communication and information exchange, to discuss the development perspectives of free / open source software in business, science and education, to initiate new projects of FOSS usage. Presentations and discussions are running on practical aspects of the development and uptake of software, as well as on decrease of the information systems licensing costs.

Developers, users, IT-managers and everybody interested in using free/open source software are invited to take part. Presentations about free / open source software and approaches based on it will be grouped in sessions – for businessmen, scientists and home users.

The Conference organizers are Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, Lviv Linux User Group, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Brest State Technical University and the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe project.

The participation in the Conference is free of charge. One has to subscribe to a conference in his/her personal profile on the website. To enter the personal profile it is necessary to create an account. Participants of the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe conferences can use their accounts created previously while registering at lvee.org.

Abstracts are to be submitted before March, 31, 2020.

Following additional arrangements are planed in bounds of the Conference:

  • Lviv excursion for guests of the city.

Participation claims are welcome till April, 5, abstracts of presentations – till March, 31.

For participants who will not be able to come to the city for a conference , the Internet section of the conference is going to be organized by means of BigBlueButton technology. Specifications for the client setup .
The test area to check the hardware and software of Internet-section will be set up on 18 and 19 of April, 2020

Authors are encouraged to get acquaintance with details of abstracts design and submission looking at the Abstract Guidelines page.

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